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A dissertation is a research project required to obtain a Ph.D. / doctoral degree. The recommended volume of the document by Write My Papers Company is 120-150 pages (excluding attachments).

Where to start writing a dissertation?

There are 10 basic steps before writing a Ph.D. / Ph.D. dissertation and without which it is impossible to start research work.

Choosing a supervisor

You can choose the required specialist yourself at or wait for an official appointment from the dissertation council. What should be the curator of the project:

  • attentiveness to the applicant, his scientific developments;
  • responsibility when making important decisions;
  • exactingness to the correct design / writing of the dissertation;
  • interest in achieving a good result;
  • the presence of published works (monographs) directly related to the topic chosen by the applicant (optional, but desirable).

If the curator at essays writing help insists on the choice of a research topic that runs counter to the preferences / desires of the applicant or does not directly participate in the process of writing a dissertation, such a specialist should be replaced.

We select a dissertation council

The Dissertation Council is a specialized body established on the basis of a university / scientific community. Its main tasks are reduced to the consideration of candidate / doctoral works submitted for the defense procedure and the approval of the desired scientific degree.

The right of an independent search by an applicant for an expert structure applies only to dissertation councils authorized to defend against a specialty passport corresponding to the direction of the scientific work performed. Information on all dissertation councils is available to applicants on the official website of the Higher Attestation Commission. The work schedule / requirements of the selected structure are specified by contact information (e-mail, phone, address)

Dissertation councils with suspended activities are not entitled to consider attestation cases. The main reasons for the termination of the powers of such bodies are violations of the rules of the Regulations on dissertation councils or non-compliance with state requirements.

We receive funding for work

Before starting work on a dissertation, the applicant is encouraged to find sources of funding. The main reasons for obtaining additional funds:

  • conducting the necessary research;
  • business trips around the country and outside of it to collect / search for the required material;
  • purchase of rare information sources;
  • payment for materials for conducting experiments on the topic of labor;
  • own content for the period of writing the dissertation.

To find out the possibility of financing and the basic requirements for its issuance, the author turns to the head of his own department or Most educational institutions issue scholarships or grants to talented applicants as support in covering relevant topics in a number of scientific fields.

Features of the selection of literary sources

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